Do you have inside information from a broker? Do you know of anything that can help scammed people?

ReviForex is a community determined to fight against internet scams, especially those committed by brokers. Our greatest source of information is OUR COMMUNITY OF USERS.

What is a Whistleblower? Whistleblower is a person who wants to disclose unethical and even illegal information or acts, in this case especially from a broker or related to financial scams.

Unfortunately it is very common for brokers to cheat their clients, so we strongly ask that if you know important information about a certain broker, information that can help clients or affections: tell us. Believe it or not, a single comment or a single message with crucial information about a company, or its operation, can help a large number of people who have been disappointed and deceived.

We believe that a large community united against fraud is really powerful. Much more than you can imagine. We are determined to help people not lose their money, and if they have already given it to brokers with bad practices (fraudulent), TO RECOVER THEIR MONEY.

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